My Top 5 Beauty Essentials


Hey guys,

This week I am going to talk about my favorite beauty essentials. My beauty essentials are what are most important to my beauty regimen on a daily basis. I hope you keep on reading and find this post informative ūüôā

Lets Get Started!

  1. Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes – Even if I do not have a full face of makeup on, I always use my makeup wipes to take off what I put on my face throughout the day. Not only do they do a good job at taking the day away, but they are gentle on my sensitive skin.
  2. Better Than Sex Mascara – ¬†I love wearing a little bit of mascara during the day. Even if I only wear mascara, it makes a big difference. Sometimes it is the littlest things that make you seem more put together. I have tried a lot of mascara’s, but this mascara by¬†Too Faced,¬†is #1 in my book.
  3. Batiste Dry Shampoo РThis product is more recent, but I tend to straighten my hair a good amount and I am also very physically active. Personally, I do not have time to straighten my hair more than 2x per week. I swear, this dry shampoo is magical and affordable! I can come back from the gym looking like I have the greasiest hair, spray some of this stuff in it, and you would never know that I just came back from an hour workout.
  4. Luminess Air Silk and Smooth Hair Removal¬†– If you hate hair this is the product for you. This product removes hair on your face without it growing back darker! If I didn’t have a lot of hair, I wouldn’t invest in this product. However, if you are like me and looking for something that works…. THIS IS FOR YOU.
  5. Anastasia Contour Kit РPersonally I use this kit on a day-to-day basis. I love having color on my face and this thing does the job. If you are looking for a quality contour kit, I highly recommend this.

I hope you guys enjoy, till next time!

XOXO Taylor<3