10 Things I Learned my Freshman Year of College


As my freshman year of college is coming to an end, I thought I would make a post on some of the things I have learned within the past year.

So….without further or due, lets begin!

  1. It really does go as fast as everyone says : Take advantage of every second you have and go outside of your comfort zone. Move in day seemed like just yesterday , but move out day is just around the corner.
  2. You will meet your best friends, but it takes time : Everyone wants to meet their best friends within the first week of being at school. However, the actuality of that actually happening is so slim. You will eventually find your people. 
  3. First semester makes it seem like college will be an easy ride: Not going to lie, second semester made me realize that my major was harder than it seemed. 
  4. Having neighbors is one of my favorite things:  Of course there are people who stick to themselves, but I have found that forming as many bonds as I can with people on my floor has made me love this school even more.
  5. I brought way too many clothes to college: Lets face is, you wear workout clothes Monday-Friday.
  6. Joining Sigma Kappa is one of the best decisions I ever made: I knew I always wanted to join a sorority, but I also had doubts it wasn’t for me. Joining a sorority on a bigger campus, especially being from out-of-state, has only made me make more friends and has allowed me to go out of my comfort zone. 
  7. My dorm room is one of my favorite places: It literally is what you will call home 
  8. I have microwaved too many potatoes for dinner: Dining halls really do get old.
  9. Doing laundry is the worst: Don’t lie, you take at least one pair of leggings out of your laundry basket each week.
  10. It is what you make of it: Always take risks, go outside the box and follow your heart ❤

I hope you guys enjoyed this post…

Till next time,

XOXO Taylor<3

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