A Day In My Life: NYC Edition


You can take the girl out of New York, but you cannot take the New Yorker out of the girl.

The city is one of my favorite places to be. In fact, I think it is probably my favorite place in the world. Despite having traveled around beautiful countries in Europe and to some Caribbean islands, I always find myself the most at home, the moment I step off the train and onto the platform at Grand Central Station. I believe this feeling might generate from my whole entire family originally being from New York, including myself. With that said, there is an unexplainable feeling I get when I am in the city, that feeling is something I  have really never experienced anywhere else.

So, now it’s time for you to follow me around Downtown Manhattan. My personal favorite place… Soho!

First Stop: Grand Central Station

In order to actually get to the city, you will need to take the train, or you can drive. Personally,  I like to take the train, I feel like it is apart of the experience. Sure it gets crowded, but that is NYC for you. Think of the train ride as preparation for the subway, or even the sidewalks. Even if you have seen Grand Central Station 1,000 times, you will still be mesmerized by the beauty inside every time. You will always someone taking a picture, and a picture being ruined by someone walking through it. Anyways, first stop…. Grand Central! Grand central

Second Stop: Westbourne 

The beauty about New York City is that there is always somewhere you can go to get some pretty good food. I feel like I normally stick to the same old places, that are still pretty good, but this time I wanted to try something new. Plus, I was with two of my best friends and by the time we took the 6 train from Grand Central, to Bleeker St. , in Soho, they were getting really hungry. We walked around for a little bit, until we found a LA – inspired cafe, that sits right on Sullivan St. I highly recommend, plus, it happened to be a vegetarian restaurant too… a perk for some people!

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Third Stop: Eden Fine Art Gallery & Kate Spade 

I am not a huge art gallery person, but one thing I really enjoy about Eden Fine Art Gallery is that everything that is in there is always vibrant and fun. I was not allowed to take pictures inside, so I took what I could from the outside. The pictures will speak for themselves!

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We also passed a Kate Spade store, so why not go in? Balling on a budget is my life story, along with majority of other college students in this world. Although I did not buy anything, I did look and dream that my closet one day look like the store itself!

kate spade nyc soho

Fourth Stop: Georgetown Cupcake & Cafe Aroma

Cupcakes aren’t something I normally crave, but something about Georgetown Cupcakes I tell you! If you know me, you know that if it involves peanut butter, I like it. I went with the peanut butter, chocolate chip swirl cupcake. Peanut butter + chocolate… I think YES!

After Georgetown cupcakes, my friend Rachel insisted we try Cafe Aroma. I had never been to Cafe Aroma before and neither had she, but she saw on a sign outside that they had blended iced coffee. The words “iced coffee”, are music to my ears. Blended or not, we had to go in. Rachel has tried blended iced coffee before, I had no clue what it was. All you need to know about blended iced coffee is that you need to try it.

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Final Stop: 9/11 Memorial

I had never been to the 9/11 memorial before and while Rachel was in town from Cleveland,  it was a must see on her bucket list. It has been on my bucket list too, I just had never gotten the chance to go and see it yet. My other bff Meg showed us around the memorial, since she had been before. The memorial itself is truly beautiful. Although the memorial represents a devastating time in history, I do not want to end my blog post on a sad note. However, if you ever get the chance to go, you should!

I hope you guys enjoyed “following me around” Soho! My friends and I had an amazing time.

Till next time….

XO Taylor<3

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