Spring Break Travel Diary : Cleveland, Ohio


I started off my week-long spring break, by taking a trip to Cleveland, Ohio, with two of my all time best friends, Meg and Rachel. Meg and I are both from Fairfield, Connecticut,  so Rachel wanted to show us that Ohio isn’t just farmland. Considering the three of us were only in Cleveland for three days, Rachel wanted to make sure she took us to a few of her favorite places.

Friday: Arrival Day

I didn’t take many picture on Friday, since we took Friday to relax at Rachel’s house with her family. The drive from school is about four hours to Cleveland, so when we arrived at Rachel’s house her mom set up a “happy hour”! As day turned into night, we met more of Rachel’s family and neighborhood friends. On top of all of this my stomach had a massive food baby in it considering the amount Chick-fil-A nuggets I had. All I can say to that is that there is nothing like being with awesome people, and having some really good chicken nuggets…..

Saturday: A Day Full of Adventure

Stop 1. The Stone Oven – Rachel took us to one of her favorite breakfast/lunch spots. One of my favorite things to have when I first wakeup is a bowl of oatmeal. So, when we went to Stone Oven that is exactly what I got, topped with fresh blueberries, strawberries, sliced almonds and little bit of brown sugar. Was it good? I think the picture down below will answer the question!


Stop 2. Chagrin Falls – I loved everything about Chagrin Falls. The town almost reminded me of Chatham in Cape Cod, just smaller. The best way to describe this place is “charming”. The shops located in town are super cute, and it is the perfect place to grab a coffee or bite to eat with friends.

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Stop 3. Downtown Cleveland – Originally I thought Downtown Cleveland would be a smaller version of New York City, however, it is very different. Cleveland consists of mostly restaurants and little to no shopping, but this didn’t stop me from really liking my time downtown. Rachel’s family took us out to dinner at a super cool restaurant called Town Hall, which had a variety of vegan and paleo options. Although what I got wasn’t vegan or paleo, it is a good option for people who have dietary restrictions, or even myself who sometimes want to remain healthy when going out. Then we went to Mitchell’s, which is a delicious ice-cream place, that Rachel never stops talking about… even when we are at school. After we were all done with dinner and ice-cream, we drove around Downtown Cleveland to explore. The day was certainly long, but I enjoyed every second of it!

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Sunday: Bye Cleveland

Sunday meant that it was time for Meg and I to fly back home, and take Rachel with us, to show her around Connecticut and New York City. The trip to Cleveland was super fun, and Rachel proved Meg and I both wrong. We both learned that Ohio is not just made up of a bunch of farmland.

So far it’s been three days back in our hometown in Connecticut, and Rachel has learned that it does not look like the suburbs of Chicago!

Till the next adventure….

XOXO Taylor

Check out Rachel and Meg’s blogs:

Rachel – franklydarling.blog

Meg – theblondeonbricks.wordpress.com

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